Sunday, August 31, 2008

Google logo in conjunction of Olympic Beijing China 08

While the Olympic in Beijing China 2008 which had just ended in a week time, i believe the image on it was still fresh in most of the people around the world. May be because of being an ASIAsian,I personally feel that the Olympic that held in Beijing was impressed and successful. Along the Olympic period, there was many stadium was used for different category of games. The most well known stadium among them has no others rather than the "Bird Nest's" Stadium and the aquatic stadium "Water Cube".

Bird Nest's International stadium

BirdNest's and WaterCube stadium

Water Cube aquatic stadium

It was quite impress to have an attention from around the world towards a stadiums during the game period no matter in structure, design & materials such as the Watercube stadium. You may get more info about it at WaterCube International Aquatic Stadium

Beside this, I found something interesting during the games period which is the google website changed their logo during each single day along the Olympic game period with different sport over their website header. You may see that each sport was play by a different animals and those animal was actually choosen from the Chinese zodiac sign which consist of 12 animals. It start from the open ceremony with the Beijing Olympic Games Mascots "Fuwa" and goes on with the 12 animals and finally end with a reunion of the 12 animals which represent that a successfully completed and join together for a celebration.

080808 Open Ceremony

090808 Cycling

100808 Weightlifting

110808 Diving

120808 Rhythm

130808 Rings

140808 Basketball

150808 Badminton

160808 Soccer

170808 Rowing

180808 Tabletennis

190808 Swimming

200808 Trackfield

210808 Highjump

220808 Martialarts

230808 Baseball

240808 Close Ceremony

Over the years, the Olympic that held in Beijing China 2008 had make a success for the Olympic game not only on the game, but also promoting their culture towards the world.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It been about 2 month time i did not edit or update on here since June 08.

It been a busy time in pass 2 month time, yet it was not so busy.
Perhaps I wish to update on my blog, yet I wish somebody to update it automatically.
Perhaps I like it with as many post as it have, yet I enjoy having it with statically.
Perhaps I plan to update on it now, yet it was time to sleep.

Stay tune~ I will have my blog updated in short while~~~

Friday, June 27, 2008

100 Days CountDown !!

100 Days

to go

Finally, it reach 100. What a hard quota to have made it to be 100. What is that 100? It may be meaningless to you out there, but it does meaningful for me. Yeah~ It was 100Days more for my industrial training intern.

Well, after bout 67days training for the field that I study, it was really not easy to pass it day by day. Everyday have to wakeup very early in the morning in order to reach office in~time, suffering the bored working time in the office, and enjoying the 'Fishing' moments that caused by a late night of havin an EURO CUP match, and of course having happy lunch hour that enjoyable with a group of training colleauges.

Well, what i get so far, its really hard to describe. I feel it suffer while other claim me as taking benefit. But in return the sacrifice underneath that does not come obviously are really undescribable. On the beginning of the intern period it was really very hard for me, because I am the onli 1 under my supervisor while he was alone all the time in company. Yet he 'pump' me with lot of knowledge and work hence the workload and pressure that gave by him oledi heavy like a gigantic dinasour. Well, everytime when i walk out from my office after work, get myself look towards the dark sky, while the building around are shinning around with the light, it really bring me alot of different feeling with that scene. Still remember on previous moments, I did think of giving~up for the intern, because it really make myself feel like helpless and cant stand against it anymore. Yet, until today, what a memorizable days for me, 100 day countdown and I get myself to work as a trainee with 12 hours working time excluding lunch hour with no OT claims. =) ROFLMAO!!

Time flies, this was whats elder told to us~. And at this moment, time was very slow for me. Every weekdays been locking in the office from morning until night, yet the sadness,joyful,hapiness time was enjoying through on it, and of course the priceless experience that I get on the progress of it.

For my TARC friends, enjoy the moment, it won't be the same after the intern and you can't get it anymore.

Thanks for spending your time to read on my blog.

Happy CountDown #100Days =) & GoodDay My Frenz~

Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Celebration @ WongKok~!

When you look at it, i am pretty sure that you get an idea on where is it..

Exactly, it was Wong Kok, the HongKong Style Restaurant~~!

WongKok Restaurant SS2

On 10th June, 6 of us, me, Shevy, HoongWai, Joshua, BoonPean & ChinYen head to WongKok at SS2 to celebrate my birthday~.

me, Joshua, Shevy

ChinYen, BoonPean, HoongWai

Well, i have a special dedicate to Joshua, thanks for letting us waiting 1Hour...
After that, we did order some delicious food to serve ourselves.

We did enjoy our food and at last, we did order this.

Yeah, a chocolate steamboat.

Until now, i still cannot get why they serve with the milk as well. So without further thinking, we mix it into the boiling chocolate. After mixing them, we have our try on it but it taste was just same as before..Anyone got idea on it?? Lolx~

At last,

They bought a cake and celebrate with me...Thanks for all of that~.

Besides that, those who celebrate with me during lunch time of, the day after my birthday, I did appreciated it. 10q,~10q to all my beloved training eprotean colleaugues, my classmate, and my 2ndary school friends.

Thanks to all of you, who did treated me a meal, bought me a birthday cake, celebrate with me, and of course for the present that you gave me, to make my birthday a special & unforgotten day. Thx~